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This is gonna be EPIC! I can´t wait for the finale!!!! Sorry for all spoilers, but I can´t help myself.

I just ship them so hard


Calling all fandoms

             The Tomorrow People needs more views.

                   And we need some help.

    Last night’s The Tomorrow People’s Monday night debut was The CW’s most watched regularly scheduled program (1.15M) in the Monday 9 pm time period since 12/17/12 (Gossip Girl finale).

    The Tomorrow People was up 44% in total viewers versus last week’s time period performance.

    Last night was The CW’s most watched Monday night (1.1M) in more than a year (since 2/4/13).

    But we need your help. This show is seriously wonderful, and the fandom is screaming for a second season so we can keep up with our favorite homosuperiors and the stories the show tells each week.

    So, if you can, start watching The Tomorrow People (If you want to catch up, we have tons of links where you can stream the episodes, including the CW website, or Hulu, where the views will go towards the popularity of the show.)

    If you can, please remember to tweet at the CW Network and ask them for a second season!

    The hashtags we use in an example (feel free to copy and paste directly!):

@CW_Network Please renew #TheTomorrowPeople #SaveTheTomorrowPeopleCW #SaveTTP

    Don’t forget that each week, we hashtag the episode title and #TheTomorrowPeople during our live tweet.

   Our Cast tweets back, and are some of the funniest and sweetest people on the face of the planet.

    Listen, I know you all got shows to watch, I do as well, but if you could give TTP a chance, we’d be eternally grateful. 

    This show is incredibly important to many of us, and we could really use the help of the fandoms rallying to keep this show on the air.

    The Tomorrow People starts at 9pm, on Mondays after Starcrossed, on the CW network, and ends right before Teen Wolf starts.

Please help us?